A premium-quality fine textured coating engineered from 1mm quartz & marble, bound in a high quality acrylic resin with superior water blush resistance. A seamless mineral stone finish that will draw attention with a shimmer of pearl.

The coating is tough and flexible and able to follow the natural curvature and contour of facades where other finishes are limited. QuartStone is a pre-mixed ready-to-use plaster.

Area of application

Suitable as a tough and flexible coating system for interior/exterior areas, building facades, focal walls and showers with exceptional water blush resistance. The coating has exceptional adhesion properties and can be applied over previously painted walls, level wall plasters, dry walling and fibre cement board. A standard plaster installation with an open pore structure as in accordance to general building practices is recommended for optimum results. The surface must be prepared with a good quality commercially available plaster primer.

Finishing & Colour specification

QuartStone is available as a 28kg kit in a standard white base. A ready to use plaster with easy on-site tinting. Each kit comes standard with 300g QuartStoneTint to the colour choosing of the customer. QuartStoneTint is UV stable and available in 6 standard colours. Please click on the colour swatches below to browse through our standard colour range.

Textured finish colour chart

QuartStone is applied as a light textured wall finish - very popular as alternative wall coating system where the fine quartz and marble granuals are visable to the eye.

Material specification
  • Preparation - as per specification by installer to address problem areas
  • Plaster Primer for raw walls - commercially available
  • QuartStone kit - 28kg emulsion plaster + 300g QuartStoneTint in any colour - (12sqm/kit for a 2 coat application)
  • Poly Seal - optional for enhanced surfaces

The coating can be cleaned with hot soapy water using general household cleaners and do not require any specialised cleaning equipment. A soft scrubbing brush is recommended for a deeper clean.

A periodic maintenance application of Poly Seal is not necessary as a wall coating is not a wearing surface.