VenetianStone is an engineered venetian plaster application made from milled quartz, marble and OPC/HAC polymer cement to resemble the noble marble as was used by Venetians.

In Venice, a city built on wooden poles, heavy building materials could only be used as far as they had a load bearing function to the structure of the building. Thus the challenge for the Venetian decorators was to find a finish as similar as possible to the heavy noble marble. The result of the work of generations of Venetian decorators is what we know today as Venetian plaster.

The coating system realises a smooth, rustic and mottled look. The versatility and design possibilities are endless in transforming floors, walls and even concrete counter tops into something truly unique.

Area of application

VenetianStone, fit for walls & floors, interior & exterior and can be applied over level concrete, cement screeds, plaster, fiber cement board and even tiles with correct preparation. A standard screed or plaster installation as in accordance to general building practices is acceptable to receive VenetianStone. The requirement is a subfloor with hardness of at least 25MPa and pull-off adhesion of 1.5MPa or greater for best performance.

To realise floors of optimum quality, please refer our Preparation Coating Systems section. This section is dedicated to the preparation of substrates and problems associated with them to help you realise a better result.

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Finishing & Colour specification

VenetianStone is available as a 15kg kit in a standard white base, Vanilla. Conveniantely packed in a 20L bucket for easy on-site mixing and tinting. Each kit comes standard with 300g UniversalTint to the colour choosing of the customer. UniversalTint is UV stable and available in 6 standard colours. Each colour is available in 4 shades from a very light to a full dark shade. Please click on the colour swatches below to browse through our standard colour range.

Smooth finish colour chart

VenetianStone applied in a smooth steel polished finish - very popular as alternative wall & floor coating system where a smooth, rustic and mottled finish is required.

Material specification
  • Preparation - as per specification by installer to address problem areas
  • VenetianStone 15kg kit - 9.7kg powder + 5L additive + 300g UniversalTint in any colour - (9sqm/kit for a 2 coat application)
  • Floor Seal - 16sqm/5L tin & 64sqm/20L tin for a 3 coat application

The coating can be cleaned with hot soapy water using general household cleaners and do not require any specialised cleaning equipment.

A periodic maintenance application of Floor Seal is specified for every 3-5 years or as soon excessive wear is observed to upkeep a good surface condition.