The key to any successful floor starts with a well installed substrate and proper preparation. It is fact that cement based substrates like screeds, plaster and concrete will crack to some extent, and that is a guarantee.

It is also fact that cracks in substrates can telegraph through to any rigid floor overlay. Even static cracks can cause problems as they form a weak link when concrete contracts and expands due to ambient temperature. Water and dirt ingress into the cracks can cause further problems - fungi growth, staining and salt migration from the subfloor. The crack will become dirty and will eventually start to break apart at the edges.

Be informed

A well informed customer will soon realise that a decorative floor is more than just a very attractive floor finish and that the result is only as good as the foundation on which it is build.

We have in place a full preparation coating system for addressing various issues. It should be noted that these preparation coatings cannot compensate for structural defects or construction of poor quality. Proper assessment and preparation of substrates will initially cost a little extra, but not nearly as much as replacing a defective floor due to substrate failure.

Preparation specification

Crack repairs

Cracks are not always visible due to dust and dirt covering them. A thorough clean with an industrial vacuum cleaner will enable you to do a better assessment of the floor condition. Cracks should be reviewed to determine whether they are plastic shrinkage cracks, structural cracks or settlement cracks before any repair technique is considered.

Step 1 Prep Coat

An extremely hard and rigid two component epoxy primer for cement based substrates and preparation of tiles to receive further coatings. Specified for all interior and exterior areas. The main function of the primer coat is to penetrate the substrate, seal, harden, bind and provide proper anchoring for secondary coatings.

Step 2 Prep Coat

A tough semi-rigid two component epoxy system with crack and water bridging capabilities to be applied over Step 1 Prep Coat. Specified for interior wet areas like shower floors and all exterior areas where a higher function of water and crack bridging property is usually required.

Fibretech Basecoat preparation

A very hard fibre cement based feather edge repair mortar for over hard cement based substrates or epoxy primed substrates. Fibretech Basecoat is specified as repair/levelling mortar. As adhesive for over underfloor heating and to realise substrates with equalised absorption to prevent top coats from drying unevenly causing colour and finishing problems.